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Our SecureRide service is a simple, affordable way to make sure everyone gets home safely!

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the big risk

the easy solution

From corporate soirées to a holiday housewarming party, drunk driving is a concern for any host. That's why we've come up with a solution to ease your worries at zero cost to your guests.

Instead of hoping that your guests assign a designated driver or call a rideshare service, show them you care. Give  the gift of a safe ride home. Give the gift of SecureRide.


Flexible, On-Demand Rides.

You choose how many hours you'd like the SecureRide vehicles to be on-site OR give vouchers to each guest for a FREE or discounted ride home. Our professional drivers handle the rest...You enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you've done everything you can to prevent drunk driving. What a great deal!


Whether you're hosting a luxury event or operating on a shoestring budget, we've got something for you. We've partnered with our sister company, St. Louis County & Yellow Taxi to offer two different service levels to fit your budget needs. Choose either cabs or black cars to help prevent drunk driving at your event! 


We'll Fit Your Budget!

We customize transportation to fit your budget! Whether you'd like to pay for part of your guests' trip or provide it entirely free, we have a custom payment option that will work for you. Purchase unlimited hourly service for a few  guests or give everyone a credit toward a ride home! The choice is yours.

Option #1: Hourly, "Shuttle Style" Transportation

This is the perfect option if only a few guests will need a ride home. Our vehicles will wait outside your event and will give guests a complimentary ride back to their residence. You choose how many drivers you'll need and tell us how long you'd like them to be on site!

$55/hour (2 hr minimum)


$95/hour (2 hr minimum)


$125/hour (2 hr minimum)


Option #2: Vouchers (Taxis Only)

If you'd like to provide a 100% complimentary ride to ALL of your attendees, this is the option for you. You'll give your guests vouchers for a free taxi ride. Those vouchers will be marked with your special account number, so after the event, we'll bill your account ONLY for the vouchers that were used. 

Option #3: Gift Certificates (Taxis Only)

If you're not able to cover all of your guests' transportation costs, but would like to offer a set amount toward their ride home, a gift certificate is the ideal choice. This is especially helpful if many of your attendees live far away and you'd like to ease the burden of fuel & mileage cost for them. You can either pre-pay for gift certificates in any amount OR we can provide you with certificates marked with a special account number. That way, we can make sure that you are only billed for the certificates that were used!

Prices are subject to change. Holiday surcharges may apply. Reservations must be made at least 2 business days in advance.

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SecureRide FAQ

SecureRide FAQ

How much does it cost to get SecureRide holiday party transportation at my event?

SecureRide services cost as much as you'd like to budget! Whether you want to have only a couple available taxis just in case or pay for your attendees' full ride home, you have customizable options. Choose hourly service for a flat fee of $50/hour for a taxi, $75/hour for a sedan, or $90/hour for an SUV, or choose a flexible gift certificate option (you choose the amount). You can also pay for the full ride home by providing a voucher to your guests. With the vouchers, you only pay for the trips that were used! Long story short, the cost is up to you!

If I pay for a dedicated driver, will they be accepting other trips while waiting for my guests?

Nope! A dedicated driver is just that: dedicated to your event and your guests.

Is there a distance limit for taking someone home?

There is no automatic distance limit for taking a guest home. If you're afraid that a few guests will use most of your transportation budget, we can work out some options that will prevent that from happening. 

What if I purchase the service and nobody uses it? Do I still have to pay?

Not necessarily! If you choose to use vouchers or gift certificates, we can set them up so that you'll be billed at the end of the month ONLY for the certificates or vouchers that were used!

How many taxis/sedans/SUVs will I need for my event?

Since each event is unique, our SecureRide Coordinator will help you determine the appropriate amount of vehicles for your guests.

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