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10 Ways to Safely Decorate a Vehicle

Weddings, birthdays, and retirement parties are just a few examples of celebrations that might call for decorating a vehicle. People like to get party buses, limos, and luxury sedans to really make their bash a time to remember! Parties usually come with decorations, but most vehicle rental and booking companies have strict rules for decorating. But hey, who says can't you personalize your ride? If you're organized and careful, you can still make the vehicle match whatever theme you have without risking catastrophe. An innocent mistake can end up costing thousands of dollars in damages. So, if you want to decorate and keep your deposit, take a look at our tips for safely decorating a vehicle.

Hanging Hacks

As soon as you mention hanging decorations in a vehicle, the vehicle coordinators usually start to panic and question all of their life choices. Oftentimes, people use harsh adhesives like tape to display their banners and streamers. Some people even try to use push pins in the vehicles (seriously)! This could cause damage to the inside or outside of the vehicle, which is not good for anyone. Luckily, we've got some great ideas for alternatives!

Magnetic Tape and Magnetic Signs

This tape is 15 feet of magic! Decorating the outside of a vehicle can damage the paint, which is an expensive fix. On the other hand, that "Just Married" banner that you bought is too cute to return. Instead of regular tape, consider using magnetic tape to attach it to the vehicle. It's a relatively inexpensive find, and it's widely available (here is one roll on Amazon). Simply use the adhesive side on the decoration, then place the magnetic side on the vehicle. Voilà! If you're wanting to skip the tape all together, you can always use a magnetic sign for a simple and quick solution. Check with your booker to see if the vehicle you've rented or booked is magnetic as some modern buses are made with fiberglass instead of metal.

Suction Cups

If your vehicle is not made of metal, try suction cups! These can be placed on smooth surfaces for you to hang your decorations. Again, suction cups are way cheaper than paying for cosmetic damage, and they're versatile. Suction cup technology has come a long way, so you can get some with hooks, clips, or even zip ties!

Zip Ties and Twist Ties

Speaking of zip ties, they are also a great way to hang your decorations! If there is any kind of pole on board, it's easy to loop your decorations through a zip tie. These are also great for attaching signs to the grill of a vehicle or a door handle. Make sure you have a pair of scissors handy when tearing down the decorations! If zip ties are going to be too much of a hassle, use twist ties instead. Save your twist ties from the grocery store for a simple and cost-effective way to hang your decorations. Even better, they're smaller than the average zip tie, so they'll be easier to hide.

Fishing Line

Another way to hide your hanging apparatus is fishing line. Make sure you get some heavy duty fishing line so it's strong enough to hold your decorations. This option requires some finesse with tying the line, but it's worth it!


Window decorations are cute, but if done incorrectly, it can obstruct the chauffeur or driver's view. Some decorations could also leave residue behind, depreciating the value of the vehicle. Avoid accidents and fees with these clean and effective ways to decorate windows.

Window Decals

What a simple solution! Get a custom decal to go on the back windshield of the vehicle while you drive off to your happily ever after or your party. A window decal will adhere without damage, but make absolutely sure it is removable. One thing to keep in mind is that some decals are removable, but not reusable.

Washable Window Markers

Emphasis on the word "washable." To make sure that your windows are uniquely you, take a washable window marker to the glass. You can even have wedding party or guests sign the windows! But did we mention they have to be washable? Because they have to be washable.

Creative Use of Space

While all of the above ideas are great, some places may just have strict policies against decorating of any kind. That's totally up to them, but that doesn't mean you can't customize your ride. If your vehicle booking company is adamant about not using decorations, it's time to get crafty. Bring decorations that won't require any hanging or writing to be on the safe side.

Decorate a Cooler

At bachelor and bachelorette parties, people usually get a bit thirsty (for booze). As a gift to the bride or groom, consider decorating a cooler to personalize an item that would otherwise be a bulky eyesore. Adorable and functional, a decorated cooler is a great way to make sure there's a personal touch without the fear of damaging a rented space.


Simple, yet effective! Bringing balloons on board a bus is a beautiful addition to your bash! Just make sure you're in a vehicle that has room to stand so it won't get too crowded. Light up the night and get LED balloons to take your balloon game up a notch! Either use helium to let your balloons float to the top, or blow them up the old fashioned way and lay them around the bus.

Customize the Lights

If you're riding in a party bus, you can usually change the color of the lights on the inside with a setting. Simply call your booker and request the lights to be set to the color that matches your theme. On the other hand, if you just like the look of colorful lights, let them cycle through! Check out our 25 - 27 Passenger Luxury Party Bus's Lights!

Homey Touches

You'd be surprised at what home décor you can repurpose for buses. Vehicles that have perimeter seating lend themselves to versatility in decorations. Grab some throw pillows and place them around the seats to make it cozy. Add a rug in the aisle for a sophisticated ride. If you'd rather throw sophistication out the window, do something spunky like bringing a beanbag chair! Cups, coozies, and coasters are also a great way to add some frills to the party. You can get them customized to the event, and they can add an extra layer of protection to the vehicle. If your vehicle has a tv screen, turn on your favorite movie or create a slideshow of the person/reason you're celebrating.

Get Pinteresting

Sure, this one seems a bit obvious, but we can help point you in the right direction! Searching for "party bus decorations" may not bring the results you want. There seem to be a surprising amount of kids who want school bus themed birthday parties. You can check out our Pinterest Board for Party Bus Decorations to get some inspiration. We pin things like gift bags, VIP passes, drink mixes, and more!

Bonus Tips

Whatever decorations you choose, it's important to remember to have a good time! Of course, make sure you know what kind of questions to ask your booker and make sure you are specific with your details. Let them know exactly how you plan to decorate the vehicle so they can clear your decorations ahead of time. The last thing you'd want to do is bring a bunch of decorations that you cannot display.

Decorations like confetti or glitter are rarely allowed on any kind of rented vehicle. It takes forever to clean, and future guests will continue to find it for months. The same goes for silly string, shaving cream, party poppers, body paint, and bubbles. Some other dishonorable mentions include fog machines, strobe lights, and airhorns.

If you are able to decorate your vehicle, make sure to take pictures! Vehicle booking companies love to see people having fun on their fleet. Tag their socials and send them an email if you can!

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