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A Parent's Go-To Guide for Prom

With spring in full gear, it’s officially time for high school’s most anticipated season – PROM. For most teenagers, prom is a special celebration to cap off the year. It’s an event filled with fun, excitement, and elegance. Students, faculty, and parents spend countless hours preparing for this staple moment, because to them, it’s much more than just a high school dance.

To ensure that this year’s prom is special, follow this master guide:


1. Get Organized

The first step to planning for a memorable prom is to simply establish a plan. Help your student take care of these essential tasks:

  • Ask a date at least one month before the big day.

  • Pick out the right outfit (preferably to match a date).

  • Purchase tickets early.

  • Order matching corsages and boutonnieres.

  • Assemble a group for pictures, dinner, and transportation.


2. Reserve Dinner Plans

Dinner is a vital part of the evening. Reservations should be made at least one month in advance, all food allergies need to be taken into consideration, and these risky menu choices should be avoided during the meal!


3. Review the Rules

Don’t forget to go over these regulations with your children before the festivities begin:

  • Proper dress codes

  • Curfews

  • Post-prom plans

  • Safety procedures

  • Transportation guidelines

  • School-enforced rules


4. Document the Moment

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture quality pictures. Just make sure to follow these tips:

  • Choose the right venue for group photos (parks or anything with waterfall backgrounds are usually big hits).

  • Find the best lighting (not too bright nor too dark).

  • Keep your camera phone charged.

  • Snap two pictures for each sequence


5. Coordinate Safe and Fun Transportation

While every student wants to ride in style on prom night, we know that you’re probably focused on making arrangements for a dependable source of transportation to each destination. Our team at BEST Transportation can provide a safe and unforgettable evening with our line of limos and party buses.

Just keep in mind that prom falls during a high-demand time for luxury transportation. Act now to ensure that the perfect vehicle is available!


BEST Transportation, St. Louis County & Yellow Cab, and GO BEST Express comprise a family of companies that is committed to providing above-industry-standard transportation solutions for every need. It's more than just point "A" to point "B." It's about the experience


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