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Spotlighting the Best Wineries Here in Missouri

Here's the thing. We may not have thousands of wineries like California, but Missouri has well over 100 wineries to visit! In fact, Missouri is comfortably in the top 15 states with the most wineries according to most sources.

Fun Fact: Missouri is home to the Norton grape; a grape that was crossbred to resemble the wines that were enjoyed in Europe. Read more about the Norton grape's history here.

This blog in particular will focus more on the areas near St. Louis or popular destinations for St. Louis residents that have hotspots with wineries. Trust and believe that you can drink wine just about anywhere in Missouri, but we can help you narrow down your search. Let's get started with the best areas for wineries in the Show Me State!

Top 6 Areas for Winery Tours Near STL

1. Ste. Genevieve

Ste. Genevieve is coming in hot with 14 wineries in the area! With so many wineries to choose from, like Chaumette (pictured), you could spend an entire day touring the area with your buds and still may not even hit all of them!

2. Hermann

Hermann, MO is home to 11 wineries. This rustic little town has a lot of charm, and a lot of booze apparently. There is a 20 mile wine trail that travels along the Missouri River that you can explore!

3. Augusta

Here it is! The big one! Augusta offers 9 different wineries in the area! Even though it's third on the list, Augusta is a small yet mighty town that boasts rolling hills and wine out the wazoo!

4. Lake of the Ozarks

Already a popular tourist destination, the Lake of the Ozarks Wine trail includes 7 wineries total. Some of the vineyards are lakeside, like Shawnee Bluff Winery (pictured), allowing you to take in unique scenery with delicious wine.

5. Meramec Wine Trail

The Meramec Wine Trail also has 7 fabulous wineries along the Meramec River. As mentioned before, Missouri has beautiful bodies of water that attract picturesque wineries and vineyards.

6. Branson

Yet another touristy area to include in this list, Branson has 6 wineries nearby. Branson is known for its theaters, museums, and Silver Dollar City, but its diverse landscapes make it a choice destination for wineries. Take a day trip and visit a winery while you're there, like Mount Pleasant Winery (pictured).

Show Missouri Wineries Some Love!

Missouri wineries have such a rich history and diverse locations. Wineries are an integral part the culture of the Show Me State, and it is fun to be a tourist in your own town. If you have a favorite winery, it might be fun to branch out and explore some of the other vineyards nearby. Some wineries even allow dogs, offer dining options, or host live music. Find out which wineries are your favorite in the state!

Guess what? BEST Transportation can take you to all of these areas with our Winery Tour Packages! In fact, we can take this a step further and clue you in on the wineries we have verified that allow party buses and limos. The graphic above may be missing some of your favorite wineries. If that's the case, feel free to call the winery and ask their policy on approved vehicles.

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