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Bus Tours for Schools & University Groups

St. Louis is home to some of the best schools, universities & colleges in the country. Students, teachers, and alumni groups travel locally and nationwide to compete in academic, sports, and club events, usually on a tight schedule.

At BEST, safety and comfort is always our number one priory for school bus tours. We make planning travel logistics easy for large groups that need to travel for field trips, weekend outings, tournaments, championship events, and other out-of-town travels.

Planning a bus tour for your school or university group? Here are our top group-travel tips for traveling school and college groups:

Allow Enough Boarding Time for Large Groups

Bus tours are fun because they include lots of people!

Oftentimes, people will underestimate the amount of time it takes to meet, organize and load luggage, wait for last minute arrivals, say good-byes, and board the tour bus.

We recommend allowing for at least 30 seconds per person to board and exit the vehicle for each and every stop. For example, a 30 person road trip should plan on 15 minutes of additional time, to allow everyone to safely board and get seated ahead of schedule departure time. You'll also want to keep this in mind for any rest stops or meal breaks you take.

Know Your Chauffeured Tour Bus Amenities

Our fleet is diverse, and each vehicle has unique features you'll want to be aware of ahead of departure. For example, our 55 passenger charter buses have reclining seats, TV monitors, USB charging ports and every seat, a restroom, PA system as well as overhead and underbelly luggage storage. Make sure your group knows what to expect before you hit the road.

Plan Tour Bus Activities for Students

Long road-trips can become boring quickly for student travelers. Take advantage of the time spent together on a tour bus with some fun games or team building activities that can be done while your group is on the road. These can be great ways to pass the time and help your group connect while they are on the tour bus together.

When you're ready to get pricing on your group bus tour, you can get a quote from us here, or learn more about our long-distance and overnight bus tour services here. BEST of all, you can book multi-day or multi-vehicle trips with our St. Louis based team when you need it!

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