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Chauffeured Service for Conferences & Conventions

Conferences and conventions are coming back to St. Louis! There are plenty of venues downtown that are open for meetings and gatherings of all kind. Health and safety is always the top priority, and our community is working hard to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in these events without fear. BEST Transportation has always been committed to keeping our guests and chauffeurs safe. In fact, we were featured in Explore St. Louis' video: A Day In The Life of Conventions in St. Louis for our quality service and commitment to this community!

Check out our chauffeur, Craig's feature!

Why Use Chauffeured Services for Conventions?

Whether you're planning a convention or creating the itinerary to get your team to a convention, there are a lot of moving parts. Getting people from location to location can be quite the challenge without help. Consider using BEST Transportation to take care of your transportation needs for your next convention to assist with:

Time Management

Ensure VIPs, keynote speakers, coordinators, team members, etc. arrive on time by scheduling your transportation in advance. Professional chauffeurs know their way around the city, so no need to assign a navigator. On top of that, the dispatch team is constantly updated on lane and highway closures as well as traffic and accidents. If something comes up, it's easy for them to find an alternate route.


Carpooling means fewer vehicles on the road. Fewer vehicles on the road means fewer liability issues. If any alcohol is served at the convention or during a team-building event, chauffeured services will significantly reduce the chances of people getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. As mentioned before, if someone doesn't know their way around the area and has their eyes on their GPS instead of the road, it could cause an accident. Travel can make people tired, and they may not be in the best conditions to drive after a red-eye flight to a new city. Conventions naturally bring high traffic, so do your part in reducing the chances of motor incidents with a chauffeured service.


Renting a vehicle is extremely difficult these days due to the rental car shortage. If a number of people are traveling to a city, you may face competition in renting individual cars. Getting your team on a shuttle will ensure that everyone arrives at the same time, and there is no need to check everyone in at the rental place. When your team lands at the airport, all you have to do is grab your bags and head over to your chauffeur so you can get going. Hotel shuttles can be nice, but they aren't always running--and they're not always on time. Also, having a chauffeur shuttle you and your crew to the convention will save you from having to find parking and walk through the parking lot. Really, it's just easier to get a chauffeur!


When you book with a company like BEST Transportation, you know that you are riding in style. Spacious, luxurious vehicles (often with Wi-Fi capabilities) are on the fleet, ready to take any sized group. It's especially great if you're taking a bus out of town! Comfort cannot be sacrificed. Plus, if you're having a VIP attend the conference, maybe thank them (or impress them) with a luxurious limo or sleek SUV to pick them up from the airport.

If you're ready to book your convention transportation, visit our website. Our expert coordinators will be ready to plan out your transportation itinerary to fit both your needs and budget. As you can see from the video, we are the BEST in the business!

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