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How to Perfectly Time Your Party Bus or Limo Experience

Planning a party bus, wedding transportation or limo experience is so much fun. However, running late because of heavy, unexpected traffic can be so stressful.

When we work with people to organize the logistics of a chauffeured ride, going the “extra mile” is our focus. With our luxury fleet and smart planning, we make sure your ride goes as seamlessly as possible.

To estimate an ideal pickup time for any event, plan to arrive 15 minutes early (more so for formal events, like weddings or galas), then work backwards to desired arrival time to your first stop, taking into account all kinds of unexpected delays.

You don’t want late passengers, heavy traffic, or restroom breaks to make your special day run behind schedule. Then, one last timing consideration that most people totally overlook:

We always add 30 seconds per person to board and exit the vehicle for each and every stop.

While this might not sound like a lot of time, if you’re planning for example a St. Louis brewery pub crawl with 30 attendees, that’s 15 minutes for arrival and departure time added, so ½ hour per planned stop. This is why we always recommend designating an earlier meeting time for all passengers, for initial boarding.

You’ll also want to check St. Louis’ calendar of events. Major events, such as festivals, parades, marathons, and concerts can exponentially lengthen your travel times. Check to see if a St. Louis Cardinals baseball or Blues hockey game is scheduled, or a major live music concert at Stifel Theater or The Dome at America’s Center. You can also check your driving route to see if there is any road construction by looking on MoDOT’s traffic & delays website.

Planning a stop at a brewery, bar or scenic spot? Call ahead or make a group reservation to ensure your large group can be seated. For example, some highly-rated St. Louis restaurants will allow you to pre-order your food or you can book a group wine or beer tasting so that you aren’t stuck waiting around for drinks.

Worried about remembering all of these tiny details? When you book with BEST Transportation, you’ll receive all of this know-how and more! Allow us to plan the perfect experience for you!

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