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Inspiration for Wedding Transportation from the Royal Wedding & Beyond!

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Wedding Transportation St Louis

Between all of your favorite Pinterest boards and celebrity wedding envy, you’re sure to be surrounded by gorgeous bridal inspiration. To help you sort through the clutter, here are some of our favorite wedding transportation trends from Meghan & Harry’s wedding and more!

Wedding Transportation Trends for Making a Grand Entrance

When Meghan Markle and her mom stepped out of the car at the entrance at St. George’s Chapel, the eyes of the world were on every detail from the mode of transportation to the gown. The Rolls-Royce Phantom IV was one of 16 built and dated to 1950. Every vehicle of the Royal Wedding that brought the esteemed family was absolutely stunning and remarkable. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrived in the State Bentley, while the Duchess of Cambridge, bridesmaids and pageboys stepped out of vintage Daimler DS 420s.

Not every bride can borrow their future mother-in-law’s vintage Rolls-Royce to show up in style at the wedding. But even if you’re not marrying a prince, you still want to make your entrance memorable. A stretch limousine is the classic wedding transportation in St. Louis. It’s a luxurious method to get to the church and every bride looks stunning when they step out of it. But a limousine is not your only option. Here’s a look at transportation trends in the wedding industry for your entire guest list.

For the Wedding Party

The white limousine is popular because it never goes out of style. The Knot recommends having your photographer ride along with you to get some in-car photographs. A limousine has the space for the bride and a parent, as well as the paparazzi. Following the ceremony, it can provide some much-needed alone time for the bride and groom.

Even before the royal wedding, arriving at a wedding in a vintage car was on trend. A Bentley Rolls-Royce from the 1960s is a classic vehicle that is luxurious and roomy enough for two and a large dress. The ride looks great in pictures and on the road.

Alternate, non-traditional transportation is another trend. Brides often choose unique methods of getting to the church, like riding a horse, driving a tractor or using canoes. Pedicabs or horse-drawn carriages make a statement, too. If you’re considering one of these ideas, remember to think about the weather and what it will do to your look. Rain can completely destroy a dress, but the heat and humidity of summer in St. Louis might ruin your makeup.

Another non-traditional trend in wedding transportation is to provide a party bus for the bridal party, instead of a car service or taxi. A bus or mini coach is more comfortable to get in and out of when wearing formal wear than a regular vehicle. By having one vehicle to transport the wedding party, it saves time and money but more importantly, it gets everyone to the venue on time together. Another bonus is that it’s usually eco-friendly, having only one or two vehicles that are energy-efficient on the road instead of 10 to 20 personal cars.

For Guests and Family Members

More brides and grooms are arranging transportation service for relatives and friends from the time guests arrive in the city for the wedding. A party bus can accommodate up to 38 people, providing amenities that keep everyone comfortable, no matter how long it takes to get from the airport to the hotel. Motor coaches, which can handle even larger groups, have reclining seats, TV monitors, personal A/C and lighting controls at each seat, USB and electrical outlets under each seat and plenty of luggage storage space.

The Knot says it’s a mistake to make out-of-town guests fend for themselves while they’re in town for the wedding. Instead of a party bus, you might arrange for a car service for your special event. If the venue is downtown or in a location that has a shortage of parking, having limousine services or coach buses available can reduce the stress of your guests and everyone in the bridal party. You won’t be worried about how anyone will get home from the reception or whether they’re had too much to drink to safely drive home.

Tips for Making Your Wedding Transportation Run Smoothly

You’ll want to make car service arrangements about two to three months out from the wedding, unless your wedding is during prom season. Then, you should consider working five to six months ahead. A couple of days before the wedding, call to confirm arrangements with the company.

You should provide detailed information for chauffeurs but also make sure that your guests have that information in case someone gets left behind. Have a call sheet with information about each guest who should be on the ride. Plan for alternate routes. Give the sheet to a few key people on each vehicle. Consider placing a camera on each vehicle for some interesting pre-wedding shots of the guests.

Let BEST Transportation meet the challenges of getting your guests around St. Louis and getting you to the ceremony on time. Our fleet consists of party buses, sedans, sprinter vans, limos, shuttles, motor coaches, and much more for your special event. Contact us to book your wedding today!


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