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Plan for Your Boss, Like a Boss

Executive and Administrative Assistants juggle masterfully. The hats they wear will stack up like pancakes, yet, they maintain balance. The "Trip Planner" hat serves as a primary example of one that easily threatens that delicate balance, especially when it comes to business and corporate travel. We've gathered helpful tips that will not only give the boss a smarter, stress-free travel experience, but also give you a chance to flex your planning prowess while maintaining peace of mind.

1. Make a flight arrangement that maximizes rewards.

If your boss belongs to a frequent flyer program, select that airline. Be meticulous about airfare and payment. Note up-charges for an extra bag(s), and file the credit card used. Find out if your boss has a personal or business credit card that will earn points, miles, and potential hotel discounts. Ask your boss if they usually work with a travel agent or travel agency and coordinate planning between you.

2. Secure smart ground transportation.

It is easy to overlook ground transportation while you are managing flight logistics, but it can make or break a trip's success. Eliminate your boss's anxieties about how they will get where they need to go and where they can find airport pickup. Evaluate the benefits of using a professional car service. Looking for resources? Company reviews on sites like Google and Yelp are a fast way to get rolling on your research. After nailing down the best options, have rates at the ready.

3. Know who will be joining your boss.

If someone is either traveling with your boss or meeting them at their destination, it is up to you to provide the best accommodations for colleagues, associates, family, or friends. This earns major points, as it shows you went above and beyond to meet everyone's needs. Find out if your boss wants to fly with this person(s) or share ground transportation. Want to go the extra mile? If you are making restaurant reservations, find out who has dietary restrictions.

4. Learn the area.

Research trending restaurants or the hidden gems and make reservations. Think outside the box and offer a mix of local watering holes, fast casual, or upscale eateries. Jump start the search with food magazines, blogs, and, again, good old Google and Yelp. Know the itinerary backwards and forwards, which not simply be a regurgitation of the meeting schedule. If there will be leisure time between meetings, suggest unique entertaining destinations.

5. Set them up with helpful travel apps.

Input your boss's trip information like flight, hotel, ground transportation, and restaurant confirmations into the Tripit, which will generate a master itinerary. Best of all, Tripit integrates with Concur, one of the best travel expense tracking apps of 2017. Your boss can upload and file receipt photos and send reimbursements. Are they traveling internationally? Concur is useful for global travel, too. For example, the app automatically calculates currency exchange rates and car mileage allowances.

Where to Start if You're Still Overwhelmed

If planning your boss's business trip still feels overwhelming, start with transportation, from air to ground. If you want to exceed your boss's expectations, find them frustration-free transportation. BEST is here to make it happen. From airport to hotel, conference, and spots on the town, we will go the extra mile to satisfy all of your boss's transportation needs so that you can enjoy peace of mind throughout the trip planning process.


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