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Prom on Wheels

Okay, so maybe prom won't look like it does in the movies this year, but why not give prom a try? With some schools doing a modified prom or cancelling prom all together, it is really going to put a damper on things. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can work around the challenges in the way of celebrating prom and still have the time of your life! The solution? Prom on wheels! If you rent a party bus for your own private prom, you can have a night to remember!

Picture Perfect

You know how annoying it is to coordinate with everyone when/where you want to go take pictures? Make it easier for everyone and tell the chauffeur where to take everyone for pictures. Whether you want to go to some parks, your school, or any other beautiful backdrops, we can get you there! You can even take pictures on the bus of everyone having an absolute blast. Having one

driver is safer and easier than having everyone drive their own cars.

Food for Thought

Take the group out to a nice dinner! You're already dressed up, might as well continue with the rite of passage of stuffing a poofy prom dress into a booth and desperately trying to avoid spilling food on your nice clothes. Once again, there's no need for everyone to drive to the restaurant to park and arriving at different times. Make your reservation and show up on time with BEST!


Private prom anyone? Be your own DJ and take control over the music. Each bus is equipped with Bluetooth, so make your playlist in advance. Dance to the songs YOU like, and just have a great time with your buds. The buses are roomy, and they allow for a great dance floor (when the bus is stopped). There are tons of Insta-worthy photo ops on a party bus THIS cool!

Ultimately, we want everyone to be safe this year. Make sure you and your friends follow CDC guidelines and stay within your bubble. For more tips on how to have a safe prom on wheels and to book, have your parents call 314.989.1500. The night is still young!

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