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Reconnect When You Disconnect: Tips for Unplugging Your Family

"I just need to quick check my email."

"Pics or it didn't happen."

"I don't know. Google it."

As a culture it is evident that we are strongly attached to our technology. The holidays serve as prime bonding opportunities-for many families, as their only opportunities-but togetherness competes with technology for our attention. Unplug your family this holiday season, and don't miss in-the-moment experiences and memorable quality time often lose the battle against our devices.

How Do We Go Gadget-Free?

According to a survey by Tech TimeOut, "more than half (52%) of adults from the U.S. and Canada indicated that family members’ use of electronic devices during the holidays is somewhat, very, or extremely annoying." It seems then, that, deep down, we wish we could take a break from technology during the holidays, yet we usually take no steps to unplug. Here are a couple of tips for how to press pause during the holiday season, and beyond:

  1. Establish clear, simple rules that everyone can agree on. No devices at the dinner table, for example, is a good start.

  2. Make plans without tech assistance. Instead of using a market app to store your recipe, go old school. Take a written list to the store. Track events on a wall calendar.

  3. Give everyone an experience so memorable and magical that leaving the phone at home will feel easy.

  4. Finally, cut the rule-breaker(s) some slack. Chastising them will make them more likely to retreat and bury themselves in their electronics once more.

Thanksgiving, Plugged In Style

What We're Missing is Priceless

In-the-Moment Experiences

Glued to our phones, computers, televisions, tablets, we lose the time together that we could be gaining. Instead of actively listening to each other, we engage in conversation at half-attention, missing quality time.

Memorable Quality Time

New experiences, relationships, and passions make our personalities dynamic and adaptable. As we are always growing and changing, life offers many chances to connect and re-connect with our family, which too much screen time prevents.

Speaking of connections through magical holiday experiences...

Unplug with Ease When You Tour the Lights

St. Louis Holiday Lights Tours are a unique way to create a family tradition that celebrates togetherness, in the moment, and builds lifetime memories. Leave your devices at home and share the spectacular experience with the people by your side, not the ones behind the screen. Reserve your Holiday Lights Tour today!

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