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Why Beach Bums Got it Right

Sadly, the end of summer is approaching, which means the reality of the coming seasons is upon us: life’s pace is accelerating again. It is important to jumpstart practicing mindful relaxation before the hustle and bustle becomes too overwhelming, and BEST is here to help! Here’s why we bliss out at the beach, and how we can bring that peace of mind to your travel experience.

The Beach Relaxes Us Because Science

Science says you need some beach time. Sunshine and water design the ideal environment for easing our troubles and quieting the mind. The beach engages all of our senses, as well as our brains, in intriguing ways that all serve the same end: peace of mind. Richard Shuster, PsyD, clinical psychologist and host of The Daily Helping podcast, describes the science behind beach. The beach produces positive effects that are both sensual and neurological.

The Senses: Soaking It All In

  • Sight - The blueness and vastness of the ocean

  • Sound - The ebb and flow of waves

  • Smell & Taste- Salt on the breeze

  • Touch - Squishy sand between our toes

Neurology: Ride the (Brain) Wave

Shuster identifies “sight” as the key sense that creates positive neurological effects. He states that “staring at the ocean actually changes our brain waves’ frequency and puts us into a mild meditative state.” The ocean improves not only our mood, but cognitive performance, too. Studies show that the color blue both enhances creativity and makes us feel safe. Do you associate peace of mind and safety with travel? Probably. The better question (and the problem we solve for you) is “How is it possible to achieve peace of mind and feel safe during an experience as stressful as traveling?”

Bringing the Beach to You: Travel Mindfully with BEST

Shuster refers to the benefits of beach vacationing as examples of “mindfulness.” When we are mindful, we feel fully present. An easy way to think of mindfulness is the sense of “living in the moment.” However, mindfulness runs deeper than awareness. When we are mindful, we do not feel overwhelmed by the unpredictable, not like when we travel, of course.

In general, one of the last places we expect to feel as relaxed as we do at the beach is in a car or on an airplane. We look at arranging our means of transportation almost immediately (and sometimes, exclusively) as massively stressful, from the trip planning phase to arrival at our final destination. When the destination is a conference center, or, a wedding hall, for example, anxiety rockets higher still.

We strive to be a game-changer in mindful travel. Through “Extra Mile Service” the BEST Team makes transportation feel like smooth sailing before you even reach the boat.

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