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Party Buses

Get the party moving with BEST! Our modern party buses provide all of the amenities you need.

22 Passenger Party Bus

22 Passenger
Luxury Party Bus

BEST 1011

This bus has room for all your friends and is styled to be a club on wheels. Fun and functionality meet!

x 22

28 Passenger
Luxury Party Bus

BEST 1012

This vehicle features gorgeous leather two-tone seating, a luxurious cherry interior, a table, mini bar, coolers, a speaker system, and a restroom. It's also equipped with beautiful, LED displays, a "stargazer" ceiling, HD flat screen monitors, mobile charging stations, and more! 

x 28

29 Passenger Party Bus with LED lighting, lazer lights and Plasma TV

29 Passenger
Luxury Party Bus

BEST 1013

This luxury limo coach has seating for up to 27 passengers, stylish black perimeter leather seating, an etched ceiling with color changing LED lighting, onboard restroom, lazer lights, 42" plasma HD flat screen TV, built in bar wells and more!

x 29

30 Passenger
Luxury Party Bus

BEST 1014

Designed with the modern look of hardwood floors, cherry wood, purple accent lighting along with elegant mood lighting, you won't find anything like this in St. Louis. 

x 30

35 Passenger
Ultimate Party Bus

BEST 1016

This is not your typical party bus. Unlike the standard shuttle type party buses, this is like a night club on wheels. The only Party Bus of its kind in the St. Louis area that is equipped with a custom VIP seating area, A Stand Up Bar, Full Bathroom and much more. 

x 35

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